Global Game Jam entry: Dodo Dont Die

Hi everyone,

please check out this year’s entry for Global Game Jam that me and 2 friends cooked up. With my very limited JME3 knowledge, we were able to get something working and got a few nosy people checking it out and commenting about the awesome water effects of JME3. The other 2 guys both did art.


2D art was done in Adobe Photoshop and 3D art in Blender 2.49.

The idea is to use physics collision detection to interact with the dodo’s egg by pushing it around. The game is not anywhere near a complete game, but

still playable :slight_smile:

If you would like to look at the code, please download the file, this contains all the code, assets etc. but has a broken exe and jar files.

The contains a fixed exe with libs so you can run the game. The first upload had some png files named wrong which caused it to crash.

The whole thing was done over a period of 2 days, so do not expect much :slight_smile:

Some cool pics of the event can be viewed here in this montage loaded up by one of the contenders:



Andre Theron

Way to represent jME at the Global Game Jam :smiley: The game is friggin’ hard though!

Yeah :). It is kinda hard. But what I found is that you can kick the egg a good one and then chase after it, then block/bash it into the nest. Most of the time the Dodo goes flying off the island though, but if you do it right, the egg will get into the nest first and you win lol :smiley: