Glowing shader

Hey, does anyone know of any open sourced shader which I could utilize to make a dark character glow blue around the edges, from whatever angle you are looking, similar to the borders of character in borderlands but glowing… Thanks…

Do the tutorials, as you cannot have already, else you would have discoverd the bloom based glow already

Well that’s a bit different from edge glow - although there are shaders/filters around for that too.

Well yes, but combine it with a cell shader and you are fine.

alright cheers

the glow map does not work on its own you have to add a BloomFilter in object mode.

Anyway i’m not sure this is what you need.

You want glowing edges, right?

there is no such filter in JME.

A way to do it would be to render edges in a pre pass, then blur this pass, then mix it with the final render.

If you are not familiar with shaders you’ll have to dive into it i’m afraid.

An alternative to this would be to use rim lighting.

it is not exactly what you want but it can do the trick and it’s simpler

see this post

Thanks @nehon, you beast, that shader will work perfect