glRenderMode and GL_SELECT

Is there anyway to render in GL_SELECT mode in JME? I grep'd the JME source code for calls to glRenderMode and usages of GL_SELECT, but didn't find anything.

I have some existing code that I am trying to port over to JME that uses this mode of rendering as part of doing mouse picking. I'm sure that I can figure out another way to do it, or I could always do the OpenGL calls manually.

Does JME somehow provide support for this, and I'm just missing it? Or maybe people have moved on from doing things this way and GL_SELECT is not commonly used any more?

I am not sure but I think this has been deprecated in OpenGL3. Either way, you shouldn't use it. jME supports picking in software, see the method Spatial.findPick() for more info.

You can see an example usage in the test classes jmetest.intersection.TestPick and TestTrianglePick.

Great, thanks for the reply.

I was thinking of recoding this to use the JME impl as you describe and as described here, but was just wondering if I was overlooking something in JME and could port my old code directly. It sounds though like it’s a better idea to use the software picking, so I’ll do that.