GLSL additions

Hey folks,

I was working on a nice GLSL bumpmapped Earth demo for GDC (last minute) and found that our GLSL state didn’t handle “attribute” variables. Anyhow, now we do and that’s checked into cvs. Here’s a screenie of the demo, btw:

(Sorry it’s 800x600… wanted you to see the detail.)

looks awesome!

Yeah, that is awesome. Is that demo in CVS? If so, what is the name of it?

Looking good, Renanse. Now go to bed and get to GDC!

Sorry, it’s not in jme’s cvs (it is in furballz cvs though…) I’ll add it as a demo later when I get back. Now for some sleep (flight leaves in 9 hours or so…)

Alrighty then. Hey, good luck to you guys. I hope it all goes great! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. If those Xith guys are there, tell them they suck! :wink: Just kidding.

We’ll be expecting a full report when you get back. Pictures and everything.

Awesome indeed :slight_smile:

Wow, jme is getting better by the minute ( Thats why i love it ).

Great renanse !


I’m a bit late for it, but also my best wishes for GDC guys

jME rocks bdw (!)