hi there!

i just realized that with the latest graphics driver update for apple's powerbooks GLSL is now finally supported under OS X

( - i'm not sure how it is with the g5 line, but i would guess that now the later powerbooks and g5s support glsl.

i made a quick test but unfortunately there seems to be a problem with lwjgl - which is loading but completely ignoring the shaders in its rendering! another example: the glsl support demo on shows only a grey quad without texture.

anyone here has an idea about lwjgls status in this area?

or is this a jme problem?



You might try running a Xith demo and see if you get the same results?


which one?

as far as i know xith doesnt support glsl / that was an important reason for me to convert to jme

are you speaking of those java cool dudes demos? they use the old arb assembly languageā€¦

Sorry, I think you have more specific knowledge than I do regarding this issue.  I thought it was simple shading in OpenGL that was causing problems via jME.

Forgive my uselessness in this problem. :o


i had posted the same question in the lwjgl forums, thought they probably could know more.

but after making a few tests this turned out to be a mistake.

so far - there's no glsl on osx. :confused:

my two cents on this is that I've only had regular old shaders works on my mac, no glsl yet.

is there any reliable comment / official annoucement when they are going to implement it?