GLSLShaderObjectsState with empty vertex shader


I've got a question:

Is it possible to implement another load-function in GLSLShaderObjectsState for the following purpose:

I want to create a shader object with only fragment program / only vertex program.

I tried it this way, but it threw Exceptions:

GLSLShaderObjectsState so = … ( create a RenderState for GLSL )

URL fpURL = … ( get URL for a valid fragment program )

so.load( null, fpURL );

I know that this is possible with OpenGL, but don't know if this is possible with LWJGL / jME.

Thanks for any replies or comments.

I have the same problem since nobody is replaying you can go to the nvidia site and download the emulator and run the code once thur something and it will spit out the old shader code stuff that is like mul for multiply

GLShader support was donated (I believe) by Chman. Looking at the source, it just attempts to load both, doing no null checks etc. Feel free to play around with to try and add some of that, and report how it works for you.

something like this could work, of the top of my head, havent compiled or tested it…so be warned  :wink:

did anyone try this or find another solution+

Yes… if anyone can confirm this is working we can make some changes to CVS.

I guess it can't do harm anyway. Checked in, with the addition that passing null for an URL will not generate a "severe warning" any longer when attempting to load it.