Good books to boost my intellect with jME (asking for some)

Okay, I know the java fundamentals…

But what I am asking is if anybody can start naming off books that will boost my intellect with jME…?

I mean any book… From understand graphics, to understand sound… All of it… Picture me as a 'total noob' to jME and I need the knowledge to get up and help the future noobs…


Oh yeah… I know I've been flooding the forums a little today… But it's only because everyone is so nice and helps!  :wink:

Possibly the best way to get started:

Tutorials, flag rush, then user guide for specific usage of jME features

There are no books made for jME, what you should be looking for in general is OpenGL, and 3D game programming.

As momoko_fan said, its important to understand the basics of opengl and Real-time rendering in general (see this Thread).

If you know this 3D stuff this already, just play around with the Tutorials and Tests, jme itself is pretty easy to learn.