Good Camera tutorial with lots of pictures?


I’m looking for a good camera tutorial (positioning cam, traveling, vector3f, …).

Does it already exist?

Thank you

Whats the problem? Its one of the most easy and unproblematic things to move…

Hi normen,

Does it means there isn’t any clear camera tutorial?

I’ll describe what I’m trying to do then:

I’d like to make my cam looking along the Z axis, then I’d be able to manage a “2D scene like”.

I read some tutorials and lots of code but no concept is explaned for a newbie and when I’m looking at this doc:

setFrame(Vector3f location, Vector3f left, Vector3f up, Vector3f direction)

setFrame sets the orientation and location of the camera. → OK that’s what I’m looking for!


location - the point position of the camera. → the point position… ok, according to what? according to the scene? how does it work? need some tuto :frowning:

left - the left axis of the camera. → if I correctly adjust the cam along the Z axis does it means -X ?

up - the up axis of the camera. → again does it means Y ?

direction - the facing of the camera. → … -Z ?

I’m a little confused

Thanks for replies

Seems more like you should read up about vectors, quaternions and the whole math package of jME actually. When you know how to manipulate them it should be obvious how to move the camera with setPosition, setRotation etc.

Ok I’ll follow your advice, thank you

You can mostly follow the advice from the jME2 manual as the math package is mostly the same in jME3:

Ok, perfect, thanks a lot.