Good morning and hello

Hi. I just found out about JME about an hour ago, but I think I’m already hooked. I’m used to Unity, but I use playmaker(its visual scripting with FSMs) because I refuse to learn C#(you know, poorly implemented, Micro$oft branded, Java ripoff) and I refuse to believe javascript is powerful enough to make anything polished. I’ve recently gotten interested in Java and was researching an IDE, then I thought “what if I could use Java in Unity”
“Maybe I can find a game engine that allows Java, it seems strong and flexible enough for just about everything, I should devote time to Java anyways. But it would still be nice to find a prebuilt engine so I could migrate from unity completely”
Long story, short, here I am.
I dont expect “Unity + Java”, but I have experience with game engine workflow, and C++ and I hope this helps my learning process so I can contribute and answer questions before too long.
This is going to be rough, but I see this as the beginning of a long and steady relationship.
Time to bury myself in documentation for a couple weeks before I jump in, but I would like to thank all those that came before me and put their blood and sweat into this, and hopefully, I’ll be able to submit something that can improve the engine or the community.


Welcome to the party :wink:


Welcome and best of luck.

See that guys… he’s going to read the docs before jumping in :stuck_out_tongue: ggwp

…welcome and don’t forget to wear pajamas :slight_smile:

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The documentation is useful and interesting, also I highly recommend the cookbook
And jmonkey math for dummies

it is very practical

And the jme3-test

I am working for two months it is not piece of cake but I find everything I need as documentation or is post in the forum

Why pajamas, I think you use jme3 full time job is that what you wear at your office :blush:
You never go home then

We can’t do JME naked? :’(


Ah, that’s where I’ve been going wrong