Good reading

Hi i'm new in the forum and also new in the world of 3d programming.

Im actually quite puzzled on where to start, i tried to dive right in and develop something from my knowledge of 2d gaming and 2d game logic but obviously with 3d you will need a bit of tweaking, ive also tried out the tutorials on the wiki but frankly they dont give me enough information but thats just my personal point of view and there doesn't seem to be enough of them around.

What i really want to know is if there are any good reading materials that will help me in 3d programming, and if i read these books or articles would it help understand and program in JME alot better.

Oh and what id like to also know is if i did the tutorials on lwjgl since jMe is a part of it, would that also help me understand jMe alot better than i do now.

Also if you know any good reading materials please link them to me, im really interested in getting into 3d programming since ive been doing some 2d things until now, any help will be greatly appreciated.


One of the best resources on getting started with jME is the jME Wiki site:

Here are some of the tutorials listed there to help you get started:

As for books related to 3D game programming and Java I'd recommend the following:

I'm still learning myself, I think the best way is to just jump in and start some of the tutorials learn what you can and then try to tweak it and learn some more. The major things to learn in 3D programming is the stages in the OpenGL rendering pipeline, so you know when to apply certain logic (although jME abstracts most of this away for you, so you only have to know where in the jME rendering abstraction to do certain thins).

Also here's my bookshelf listed on LibraryThing ( which contains a good amount of game programming and computer graphics books that I've found useful, can't say that I've read them all cover to cover, but they are great references when I need them, and occasionally I have time enough to actually get through one of them.

Thanks for the reply, ive tried all the tutorials and i did learn some things i think the only thing that really bugs me is 3d math, oh and maybe its a bad idea or maybe there isnt a bad idea in learning but i decided to start off with lwjgl and see where i can go from there and sort of work my way up, what do you think?

That’s a good idea! I’d say start with OpenGL work from 2D to 3D.

I’d check out LWJGL or JOGL, both provide good OpenGL bindings.

Another good learning resource are the NeHe OpenGL tutorials and articles. Most of the tutorials come with Java implementations (mostly using JOGL, which provides an OpenGL bindings very similiar to LWJGL).

You can download the NeHe base JOGL code from here.

Then move onto jMonkey Engine which provides a layer of abstraction above the OpenGL rendering pipeline, which makes it easier to organize and manage your 3D scene, rendering, as well as apply complex behavior to your scene like animation, physics, collision detection/reaction.