Goofing around with dungeons

…when I should be writing code. Figured I’d at least share the screen shots. :wink:

nice, but IMHO a little bit “squarefull”… :smiley:

Sort of the nature of the engine, I’m afraid. Still much less “squareful” than a similar game that shall remain nameless. :wink:

The last screenshot reminds me of Heretic for some reason…

… … What you never played Heretic?..

Sigh. :stuck_out_tongue:


(It’s a good thing. It’s just that Heretic was a diamond in the rough caught up in all the Doom clones :p)

Yeah, Heretic, Hexen… good times. Dark Forces blew all of the Doom clones away, though. :slight_smile:

Oh… and of course the difference here is that I built those in game like any other player could have… versus having to load a level editor and painstakingly get everything right. The game is the level editor. heheh.