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Hello all!

Is it possible to use google maps to create the terrain?

I asked google but he didn’t find it.


If you are looking for images of earth I’d recommend using NASA’s images. Google maps uses them among others.

Sure its possible, you just have to write the code ^^ Theres lots of open terrain / world databases out there, @sbooks BetaVille uses a lot of them for example. But if you look for terrain.createFromGoogleMaps(coord); again, you’ll have to write that yourself.

Yea you can overlay the images on top of the terrain. There is no built in method to do this with google maps or the maps API however. And it would be flat ie. not round like google earth, but you could have mountains etc.

A round implementation would be possible. You can look here for that as a starting point.

Thanks Brock Samson! :wink:

Thank you all for the sugestions.

So apparently google maps doesn’t want people using their images other than for free apps and free websites so I shouldn’t be using it anyway.

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Thanks Brock Samson! ;)


Also Bing has the same sort of use restrictions. You could take a look at Open Street Map (OSM). I don't know if they have raster data however, but you could always point at a WMS of OSM data and render that onto the terrain.

Thank you!

You ended up answering my real question. I had completly forgotten about open mapping and never knew about web mapping services.

I found worldwind and geoforge.

Haven’t tested yet though.