Google Summer Of Code 2011 proudly announced!

Hello devs! GSoC 11 is announced!

What do you think about participating in it?

My thoughts are:

improve blender importer (make it like ogre).

implement spotlights with shadow map.

But I know you have more important issues for JME3…

mifth said:
(...) What do you think about participating in it?

We sure will :) We applied last year as well, but didn't make it. Since then the project's progressed in leaps and bounds, we've now got more available mentors at the students' disposal and GSoC 2011 is said to allow more projects than ever before. Along with a soon-to-be-announced trick up our sleeves, I think our chances of being accepted this year are outstanding.

The Blender importer would definitely make an excellent student project. If @Kaelthas is a student, we'd be happy for him to apply. Come February 28th I'll arrange an organized ideastorming. I'm very excited to see if someone can up with a genuinely useful project that none of us have given the slightest thought.

Just some thoughts about GSoC’11… Have you seen Lugaru workflow? I mean, terrain system, lighting, shadows and so on. Possibly you would like to implement into JME something…

Overgrowth graphics overview - Wolfire Games Blog

Just, have a look links [1], [2], [3]… in the article.

I read this blog very often, these guys are really good.

It’s already a source of inspiration for JME developments.

The terrain/sky blending looks awesome.

IMHO things like improving an importer or implementing spotlight shadows are probably too small scope for Google Summer project. For somebody who is fluent in 3d coding, spotlight shadows are probably few days work ? I think that things which are more fitting Google Summer of Code are rather things like

  • porting jme3 to android (I know it is already in progres, just example of scope)
  • porting jme3 to DirectX (we don’t want to do this, still similar scope + research how to do it without changing interface too much)
  • implementing full blown gui system like nifty3d (not just integrating it)
  • implementing some kind of global illumination/shadow system
  • implementing full terrain system with dynamic LOD, multiple textures, etc

    I know examples I gave are probably not needed or already in progress for jme3 - but as far as I understand GSoC, task should be something which takes 1-2 months for reasonably competent (even if young) coder, not something which can be done in 2 days by expert.

    I would personally like to see something magic done with light/shadow system. I’ll try to find an example, but it was quite popular in 3d engine demos from 5-6 years ago - hundreds of colorful lights flying around the rooms, casting colorful shadows etc.

agreed with Abies!!! Thank for your reply!

GSoC 2011 is now officially announced.

Please read the post and start submitting your ideas! :slight_smile:

… preferably in our UserVoice.

I would love to see a decal system for bulletholes in JME though I’m not sure how much work that would be.

So the GSoC can’t include a “game” in itself then? Personally, I’d love to receive some mentoring on a small-scale project. Perhaps even to implement an example “game engine” with menus, HUD, characters, collision, and some game logic thrown in. Perhaps it could be designed in such a way as to showcase what JME3 is capable of, with comprehensive documentation (cough… splutter…) to fast-track those interested in game development.

I’m no youngen’ but am a keen student! I have done a fair bit of playing around in JME2, but not yet given JME3 my full attention. If something were on the cards, I would be more than happy to start researching again.

I have got a pretty robust experience of Project Red Dwarf (formerly Project DarkStar). Indeed, I got basic network capabilities working in JME2/PDS a year or so ago (including some interpolation which I was very proud of). My particular area of frustration was collision management, but got there in the end.

I can also offer considerable project management experience (it’s my job!). Albeit I’ve never managed a gaming project, I have managed a large number of IT application development projects (mostly in the financial sector, which means they can get pretty complex!).

Hope I can get involved in one way or another! I live in London, so if any of the mentors live in the South-East of England, I might even be able to meet up for a coffee!



@richard_hawkes you should be happy to know that a project along the lines of what you just described is on the brink of its first public release. It will be a “game template” of sorts with all the basics present, including “some game logic thrown in”, yup :wink:

Thing is though, we don’t see this as a very feasible GSoC project because of its different collaborative nature. While a GSoC project is mainly meant to be a two-way exchange between a student and a mentor, with this open game project we would like to encourage all kinds of “drop-in” contributions.

I don’t believe any of the core developers nor enlisted mentors live in London, so you’re out of luck there :stuck_out_tongue: However we’ll definitely give you every chance to get engaged in this project once it goes public.

Awesome! Exciting times in JME world.

My biggest issue has been getting 3d artist buy-in. I was pretty sure I was on top of the JME framework, but my Blender skills were awful. It wasn’t my thing. I asked everywhere, and got a few interested parties, but nobody really committed. I thought the prospect of an open-source game would have those artistic types foaming at the mouth. Alas I was wrong.

So if anybody anywhere would like to work with me that can knock up high-class 3d characters, models, terrains and all other artefacts, please get in touch :wink: Seriously though, if anybody can put me in touch with somebody in this field, I’d be thrilled!

Cheers again


@richard_hawkes in case you didn’t notice, MonkeyZone is what I was talking about :wink: We’d be very happy to have you play around with the game and modify it as you’d like.

I cannot understand… where is JME in the list?

jME is not in the list :frowning:

did anybody get mails from google? I just want to know… why did they rejected JME? it’s very important to know!

Are you sure you applyed to GSoC correctly?

damn, they accepted crystal space and ogre… JME is much better. It seems to me google does not want to get a good android engine. :frowning:

Google is afraid of us taking over the web and their phones, thats all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah , I really thought myself after done something in Ogre and other Graphics Engine then went to JME : " F&%^#$k it ! I didn’t find this engine sooner !!! ".

So Google 's making a big mistake when not accepted us … :stuck_out_tongue:

But don’t bother guys , we can make a big explosion someday !

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