Google TV rendering problem

Galaxy S version (and other phones):

googleTV (logitech) version:

It looks like a depth buffer problem, doesn’t it ? I’ve tryed legacy, fastest and best egl config. If someone has a clue, or also think it’s a depth buffer problem so I can start investigating this way …

Thanks in advance !


PS: galaxy S version is not bugged :p, it’s the correct one

have you tried setting the OpenGL version to one using setRenderer in the app settings? I’m not sure what that device supports, but seeing something being done on Google TV is awesome!!

Hello !

I partially solve the problem on the googleTV: it seems that blender imported models don’t work:

make a blender file-> import with jme3sdk → ok on PC and mobiles, not on googleTV: result like the image.

make a blender file-> export to ogre-> import with jme3sdk → ok on googleTV too.

I’ve the same rendering artefacts with nifty on googleTV.

Maybe some JME3 devs could point me a direction to solve this bug ?

Thanks in advance !!


PS: googleTv is intel hardware

Can you take a screenshot of the nifty artifacting?

Also, a picture of jME running on Google TV would be kind of cool so that we can show off the awesome :wink:

No idea why, nifty is ok too now. I will tell more about those bugs when I’ll know more about it :confused: