Google Wave


have you heard of googles attempt to revolutionize internet communication?


Then have a look it this:

This should not be an ad but in my eyes this thing got potential for collaboration of game developers.

What’s your opinion?

It will be interesting what kind of applications people will produce with google wave.

as far as I understand, google wave is divided into

  • 1) a protocol

  • 2) user-interfaces for interacting with it

  • 3) bots for automatically changing wave content

the protocol seems to be a real-time p2p XML editor, which federates changes to "waves" (essentially XML documents) amongst servers.

since waves are based on XML, they can embed anything that web sites contain, such as widgets and javascript applications.

i imagine that a JME-based application or game could employ the google wave protocol as a shared memory.  (the collada 3d format is especially appropriate, since it has an XML serialization.  thus wave could maintain shared, collaborative 3D spaces).  it may not be suitable for real-time games needing millisecond synchrony, but would be for data needing reliable synchronization and history. seems to have a java reference implementation of the wave protocol, although the google web toolkit (GWT) GUI which google has demonstrated in the video  has not yet been released.

(please correct any inaccuracies, i have not researched wave thoroughly yet)

here you got the google web toolkit

Great innovation always follows in Google's tracks. Would've been fantastic if some of the innovation following Wave could find its way to development surrounding jME. Once mainstream, I'm guessing Wave will put forum-software such as VBulletin and SMF in a difficult situation, as the base functionality is pretty much the same, just that Wave is more like the 4rth or 5th generation of forum software…