Gradle Builds

Is there a command to build all the jar files and put them into one folder, basically a release build command. Right now if you do gradle build the jar files are in directory for each project.

I’m assuming there is a release command to pack them up into a folder ready for distribution. I’ve started digging into gradle but I’m not a gradle guy. I still use Ant for all my builds.

Thanks ahead of time.

In order to create jars :

Or :

In order to copy built jars into a specific locations, modify this copyJars task to copy your jar from build Dir to your desired dir, or else check the gradle DSL docs for more on Jar Tasks, :

You can make the copyJars a must run after task of releaseJar mustRunAfter(releaseJar).

Check the repo readme for more references !

If you use the application plugin then there is a task to build a zip distribution with everything in it. All of the dependent jars will be in a lib directory in that zip.


Thanks, that is what I was looking for.

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