Graphic problem on GT540m


I have program ( , which runs on my machine as expected, screenshot below:

But on friend’s machine it looks like this and it’s also freezed with no error popping:

My PC specs:
Java 7 update 21
Intel core i5 3550K
NVIDIA 660ti with ForceWare 320.49
WIndows 8

My friends Laptop:
Java 8 update 14
Intel Core i7 2630qm
NVIDIA 540m with ForceWare 310.90
Window 7

Now I don’t know if it is something with my code or bug in JME/Java (most of the code are from samples and wiki).

try to remove the SSAO and try again.
There was a bug in RC2 that was producing weird results on some hardware

You were right, SSAO caused it.