Graphics designer wanted! Splash screens for jME SDK 3.3

As the title says. No money but free experience and unlimited amount of glory as a reward. As you may well know already jME 3.3 the engine is out and we want to pair it with a superb SDK release. But we need some flashy graphics for that.

Sorry for the poor specifications, if you need some information, we are always happy to provide it. Here is the issue:

Aaaand here are the current implementations:

The IDE 3.3 default theme is still the famous Dark Monkey. Dark theme. So fitting to that. Glorious matching graphics needed.

Minimum, and also very sufficient, implementation would be to change the version numbers to “3.3”.

Edit: Note for reference: The Files require the “Foo” Font (Foo Font | for the jMonkeyEngine Letters


Er why? What does it matter if you redesign?

That was just a copy paste from the issue. I guess the same font schemes and what not would be the best what we use on the web pages etc. So that everything would be pretty uniform. And if you just restyle the “SDK” and the version number… well, you know what font to use.

Anything can be suggested. This is a graphics engine, I’m sure someone here makes something else than blue boxes all the time :slight_smile:

See Fixes #124, #146 - Updating the Splashscreens · jMonkeyEngine/sdk@5b16843 · GitHub for the files affected:
updatersplash.gif is shown while the SDK is updating (currently disabled and the gif was non animated anyway)
splash.gif is what is shown on launch (also non animated)
about.png is what is seen in the about dialogue.

I guess the most important fix would be to change the black font on the grey background to something more readable with more contrast, though I guess the monkey-yellow is too bright, so something else needs to be done.

But since I am no dark-theme designer, I guess you guys have more background on that.
If nothing happens, I’ll just slam on GIMP and change the Number.

How about something like this?


We have a winner :slight_smile: @ndebruyn care to create a PR to the SDK project?


@tonihele, done. I checked in my change.

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Great, nice, thanks! Could you also do the:

My input would be that we lose the version number from there altogether. No need to maintain it then. Just deal with the red text. This image can be seen when one updates the plugins/modules in the SDK.

How does this look as a replacement image for above?



Sir, fuggen excellent work :slight_smile:

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I pushed my change. Please check it out.

One quick question, what is the best and fasted way to build the SDK these days for window 10?

You need git bash probably, to do: ./ && ./

And then ./gradlew buildSdk run