Graphics made by me _And spaceship free donwloadable during 14 days

Only some unfinished 3d I made in the past in free time (usually can't show what I made at companies) :

…I hope I can make stuff with my friend with jME. :wink:

[somebody… plueaaaze… update existing md5 loader for jME 0.9 …]

Hey, nice work! I think I like ship27 best.  (if ship21 isn't even better, that is - but I can't see that one)

i like orco2 (= which programm you use to model the heads ?

looks like he used wings3d (

its one of the best open source modellers available imho.

Very nice work! That clint eastwood dude is sure impressive (what's his polycount, btw?), and so is the rest of the models. I can't wait to see that game project of yours!

Nice work!

Are you planning on releasing those models to the community?


First of all, thanks to all! :slight_smile:

I was kindda iddle/bored and thought of creating this thread at 'off topic' :)  No, really, if I can manage, I hope one day will put good gfx into a jME game. Good news(for me at least :wink: ) is finally i am starting a project here :slight_smile:

@ irrisor

Thank you, ship 27 and ship 21 are same space ship, just different angles…was for a free project that never saw the light…I guess author got sidetracked by other coding ideas, I never knew :slight_smile: But is ok. Is nature of free projects, a little bit I guess. (the one I am starting is not a free one)

Perhaps I'll generate a better pic of the ship :slight_smile: It was a bit of  work in its day…  :wink:

@  Peter.

Wings3d. Is an standby project for high res rendering movie short I was gonna do in my own. One of those one never ends :slight_smile: Mainly, wanted to proof to somebody that WIngs can do wrinkle and deep detail like Zbrush does…not so easily ,but can, in the end.

Is my favourite modeler, and the one I use for everything. (also for the ship. The cowboy was done with free metasequoia) All the rest is with Wings also.


Yup, is an outstanding piece of software. And runs in Mac , Windows and Linux , I think.

I tend to prefer specialized tools for each stage (one for uvmapping, one for modelling, one for texturing, one for animating. )That I have gone selecting through the years. Though all can be done easy inside Max. yet though I think for organic modelling Wings or Mirai are faster.


Thank you man :slight_smile:

The pics are bad as are not renders, but also cause are taking from my 3d texturing tool, which has no antialiasing nor texture correction nor…well, way worse than would be an opengl raw viewer, even.

Polygon count ? Around 2600 triangles. It had a texture of 1024, plus two 256 little ones apart, for the spurs(alpha textures, for engine, had to be apart). Plus a hat that is not seen there, 180 tris. Plus the colt, which I intentionallymade really heavy in polies, thinking on possibility of making it for the first person view version. I did a very deep research of western weapons, just cause I tend to do when doing realistic 3d. I mean, is traced from plans and photos of real colt .45. It is…1,200 tris. A texture of 1024.


Was actually somewhat bored and I am also eager to be able to show a working demo here …but lol, guess we yet to use like some months on it… :slight_smile: Maybe less…who knows. I like to work fast (and I do) but there are too many technical problems in a whole project, you know.

I am afraid even being models I can show, I can give only…One. The space ship. Which is not the worst, but a good one. I have given it free before, also.

The reasons why I cannot give the others away… :

-the barbarian was a $ project. I just gave away when saw the amount of work was not what I expected. A bit unexperienced, was not smart enough to do certain questions before beguining the project. As a compensation fo rnot continuing, gave it away. But I can show those pics.

-The clint is in a free project which I respect. And while is totally mine, I do not share the model, for them having it as unique…  Not that I think a project must have unique art.But I know they like it so :slight_smile: Colt is of the same project.

-The orc is part of an stopped very personal project…:wink:

-the other stuff that appears in pics, was part of a comercial company that sinked and disbanded. But somehow, I keep the models with me, for common sense…

The ship I can give it away, if anyone interested.  <I hadn't made the post with that intention, but no probs :slight_smile: >  It's a like 1200 perhaps close to 2000 tris, can't remember. It has to simetrical but differenced 1024x1024 textures, which share mirrored UVs, but with two different materials. For this matter, is in Milshape ms3d format, as was easier for me to keep the two materials attached. I can provide in other formats, but I knwo you'll all be gentle and not ask for that, as jME loads ms3d :wink:

ehm, is a big download (no less than 2 MB, I guess) . I must find it yet among my old backup CDs, but in once I find it, I would upload it to savefile temporary vault, I don't have ftp space nor anything like that.

You could put it up on

Thanks for the link, Llama...

yet though, not sure...

I mean, I think after all I'll just put it up the dirty way, a temporary file of 14 days. After all I decided to give it away to this comunity the other day...while technically is free already (but I have not lost intelectual property of it, I mean, I am the author. Comercial use allowed, and all that talk, but no more... heck, is more a feel than anything. Brain not working at this moment of the mourning...)

So, during this day I'll try to find the zipped stuff in my CDs and put it up...

I  guess...I will manage to put a creative commons license on it. That is, a txt and the license. Nothing more than asking for credits ("made by..".And if modifications done, stated so) .Not that the model is important to me  or something. Is for a personal way of doing stuff.

So, along the day will do that.

There, the backup dvd was having a crc error in the file, but could save it almost bit more and I'd had lost the whole thing, hehe.

Please, read the readme_now if wanna use the free for making jme games(comercial or not), but I only require some rules...not bad for the price, imho (free. While at selling points they tend to be expensive)....I had ugly experiences in the past, so I prefer to do so(writting some little terms...)...

is of about 2,300 tris, and two 1024x1024 textures, and in *.ms3d format.

Thanks for the advertising Lllama. :wink:


Now not sure if I said...

The download is for 14 days counting on the day I put it...later on it dissapears. Is a free vault of this kind. But I wanted to put it in a zip with terms and stuff.


If LogicalNetwork had a place for you to list a text file containing license information and other info would that make it more appealing to use?


Hi, darkfrog. I liked the threads based on your frog-logo :D

Well...While I don't understand fully your paragraph (I am not english speaker, and while I have been browsing zillions of english speaking forums during many years, and all sort of other comunication ways, I yet find myself often in a position where a word or an expression is not totally clear to me...) the reasons why I didn't uploaded  to Logical Network (which seems like a great, nice, and generous effort, of those I like to see ) are very related to my very strange mind, only , and are :

- I don't tend (lately) to give away my artwork. I did before, but were no good experiences. I'm in a moment of life where I prefer to get a better living situation and then go back to my normal more generous state.  Anyway, this ship was given away free some time ago, but to a single person which changed his project for other reasons. So, as I like this project, thought as a good idea giving it away here again. To mention that a bit more and I would have lost the file...
So, my idea was not giving away to whoever and wherever. But more a gift to a reduced group of people. Some have talked to me since some time ago. Anyway, the file will end up rolling wherever (I hope with the txt, as I asked for as only "payment" ;) )  , but I wasn't in the mood to contribute directly to that idea. Weird. I know. Some artists are crazy.

-The txt I want it to be in the zip file...

-I like the idea a gift for those who read the thread in certain occassion and time :)

-Actually, for the purpose, it was the same to me, and I already know well

Dunno, lately I'm with money problems, and when that happens to me, I get less generous and more on my own problems ;)
I have given away in the past models and 2d artwork to, with no kind of terms or silly stuff...

But till it changes, I only do stuff for an exchange of stuff, or for money, directly. This one was already done, though. Though was a bit hard to recover from the damaged dvd, hehe.

No problem, I understand, just looking for ideas to improve my services. :wink:


Hi… !

Is logicalnetwork only for graphics?

I am usually asked a lot of times by many people to upload special, rare utilities non in the hands of anyone unless is a weird freak like me…I tend to grab stuff that I know is good and I know will dissapear…

Is quite tiring these 14 or 30 days vaults, I have to upload many times a year same file… Often I just don't reply for questions for these reason. I was wondering if that vault is ok to have uploaded this utilities …

ie, lightmappers, uvmapping tools, rare format viewers…etc.

is only for graphics,ok, is just I could not read to check, as it says now :

HTTP Status 404 - /

type Status report

message /

description The requested resource (/) is not available.

Apache Tomcat/5.5.15


thanks for the heads up…I recently moved it to my new server and it apparently didn't cooperate as it should have.  It should be functioning now.  I am having a bit of trouble with getting the image previews to show properly and will probably be posting a new version of the site in the near future.  As far as what you can post on, it is an open-content repository primarily geared towards games, so anything that fits that description is acceptable.  I would say programs are probably not suitable as that doesn't really fit the classification of "content", however documents and information texts are very welcome as well.


No problem , I was supposing it was so. :slight_smile:

I'm digging for a permanent vault for so often asked to me utilities for game art…

I'll continue someday that quest :wink:

I could add something like that to LogicalNetwork, it just adds significantly more complication to handle applications with licenses and such.  If that is something a lot of people are interested in I'll devote some time to adding support for that?


Well...not that I think you would see here an avalanche of people... :)  Probably some that i may point to the place whenever they ask me in some forums about a or b utility... . it'd be way more comfortable for me. there are some utilities asked for a real lot of times...indeed, those I know they'r no more available on the net... and related to game content creation, mainly. To me, wouldbe more confortable, to some people, it may be a solution...

But indeed, if I were you I would not change my plans, if it were for artwork only. I was mainly asking, but really, just as a comment, nothing important  :)