Graphics made by me _And spaceship free donwloadable during 14 days

Well this would be great but You could really run into legal trouble if people can upload what they want, so don't forget a legal disclaimer and review from time to time.

…and don't expect to few people around there if the tools are useable and word spreads :wink:

Well, everything that is uploaded must be approved before it can even be downloaded, so I'm not real concerned. :wink:

I was pre-empting the spammer/adware/porn-freaks getting ahold of it.  :slight_smile:


However, darkfrog, if you see some advantage for your site on it, or something, PM me… I don't think it'd really add much the concept, and it's my own egoist aim of not upload every 14 days a tool for the indies…

But i don't think it'd benefit your site…Neither be bad for it, unless bandwidth gets eaten. Which could happen…

I think a text file for the license would be an improvement though… that would allow people to upload content that's not theirs or that they only want to license under certain terms.

Agreed…that will be coming if LogicalNetwork ever makes it to an update. :-p