Graphics Server

Hi all

ind developer new to this level of abstraction (existing game engines or libraries/apps served my previous hobbyist and professional experiments, but now that i am making a full game, my own tech is required… new to me)

my project is sort of like a serious combat simulator with realistic phsyics, large terrains and detailed physics

i am developing and testing the technology by making a fantasy/mythology sim first (still more combat sim than game) but i am definitely new to some of the challenges of simulation fidelity as opposed to “simply” an fps or mmofps (which is similar in design to what i am building)

i have a question about the idea of having server side graphics calculations (as opposed to simply game server or physics server side)

i asked knowledgeable people from this site about it and my response was “I use a scengrph server (like nodes but all in double) then the client calcualtes teh offset between the localplayer and the mid of the map, and moves everythin by taht amount (still in doubles) after that the resulting transformations are converted to floats and render the result.”

which sort of makes sense to me but i could use some help understanding it

Well the server sees the world normal and with double precision,

the client however gets everything transformed in a camera centerd space (the camera is always at 0,0,0) It then renders everything. (This could be done two phased first a background pass, where objects out of needed precisio in float range are rendered in a scaled down world (like 0.001 the real size, then render the near objects over them with normal scaling. Due to the scaling the far away objects are smaller and thus appear to be at the right distance)

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