Grass Effect over Terrain

hello all,

has someone got an idea how to create knee height grass simulation over a terrain, like known in various first person shooters? my idea is to use small pictures of a dash of grass blades und randomly drop it as billboards over the terrain.

if someone got another/better idea it would be nice.


that can work. But it wont provide the grass with life-like movement. I.e. when the player walks through the grass, it wont go out of the way (if its tall enough).

If you dont want to provide movement, I would suggest a textured quad and pass that into a SharedMesh…this way you will render the same trimesh in many places without copying all the data. Very good idea to do.

However, if you do want to provide movement, i would clone the quad and create a SpringSystem (under com.jmex.math) and see the "CollidableClothPatch" for details on how to create handle collisions. Thats the way they do it in Hitman. But your venturing on physics here…and not effects.

Hope that helps,