Before (2012-12?) i could set zero gravity on my physics space and control gravity individually on my different physics control. Now, in the nighties it seems like this possibilty is removed. In order to get my controlls affected by gravity, the physics space needs a gravity. But then i can no longer control gravity on objects invdividually.

This isnt that important really - what i need is a control that handles collisions and can be given a velocity in the physics space - just as long it isnt affected by gravity. A RigidBodyControll with mass zero (gravity zero doesnt matter) cant have a velocity it seems.

Any ideas appriciated.

No clues on this one? RigidBody with gravity disabled (in a physicsspace where other entities are subject to gravity) ?

Probably something in your code order changed. Check out the javadoc of the setGravity methods. You either have to set the physics space gravity before you add the objects or the objects gravity after you added them to the physics space. So the space sets its gravity on the objects when you add them.

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Thanks normen. That fixed it. Setting gravity on the control after adding it to physics space solved it! Sorry for taking some days to actually trying it out.