Great games deal!

Hello monkeys!

Here is a sweet deal. 5 games for the price you name:

Penumbra Overture

Lugaru HD

World of Goo



Enjoy  :smiley:

Jumped on it a couple days ago :slight_smile:

the cool thing is, the games , Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD and Penumbra Overture now go open source, because over a million $ have been raised.

That’s so cool.

The bundle now also includes Samorost 2.

Yes, and they have some interesting statistics… for instance Linux users, who have been said to be cheap, happen to contribute twice as much as Windows:

In any case, the deal is still on and now it includes 6 games!

I think this is great news for the Open Source community and the gaming community in general. If people can create a million dollar scheme, then there is hope for the “industry”.  ;)