Green (WIP)

Green (Working title) will be a freeware platform game focused on spectacular jumps and fast-paced gameplay. The game is still in its early stages and thus there are no playable demos available as of now. Below you can find the focuses for different aspects of the game. The game will be made using JME3.


The gameplay will resolve around difficult levels where the player will have to use different jumps to complete the level. The game will be fast-paced and the user will need to try each level a multiple of times to get the hang of it and know it well before s/he can complete it. There won’t be any organic enemies. Instead, the enemies will be mechanical obstacles which will try and hinder the player. The style of gameplay will be 2.5D.


The game will consist of simple colourful graphics which will appeal to both young and more mature gamers.


The sounds will be a major factor twards the game’s gimmick. The sounds will be quite humorous to give the game a lighter feel which will complement the game’s difficulty.


The game’s difficulty will increase with every level. The difficulty curve will also increase gradually. A tutorial will also be included in the beginning to help the user get to know the game better before he delves into harder levels.




The game will also consist of a level-editor with the aim of increasing the replayability and let the users create their levels and share them with others.

[Special Focuses]

  1. Smooth Gameplay and responsive controls.
  2. Punishing and rewarding gameplay while still maintaining a good balance.

    More updates will be on twitter (!/NyphoonGames).

Very cool. Can’t wait to see some concept art for this or a working demo :slight_smile:

@thecyberbob, thanks, people like you motivate me a lot :slight_smile: I haven’t thought much about concept art as of now, but it is quite the interesting idea. A working demo will be available in the last week of August. However, I will be posting screenies before.

Currently programming a camera rotation engine for when the player jumps and it works great. Tomorrow I will release the first video which will show the most basic actions: moving and jumping.

Finished the first video. This video shows the very basic gameplay and how it works. It is still in its early stages and therefore no work on graphics has been done yet. That is, textures are not the textures which will be used in the final release, but simple textures used for debugging.탐҅㲗㹹猶҅쀧Ёꍀ㨞Ȃ

I am now sketching ideas for the main character… and well, I am not having such a great success. Any ideas would help a lot. I want to stick with simplistic and humorous. Most probably I will go with a block-based character, but any suggestions are welcome.

nice start, keep it up

Thanks @wezrule.

memonick said:
I am now sketching ideas for the main character... and well, I am not having such a great success. Any ideas would help a lot. I want to stick with simplistic and humorous. Most probably I will go with a block-based character, but any suggestions are welcome.

Do you actually have a story in mind or is that up for suggestions as well? That's not necessarily a bad thing, I personally like the mechanics-first type of "grey box design", but without a slightest bit of context my suggestions would just be shots in the dark. Werepossum? Green Lantern? (like, literally a green lantern.., I don't think they could sue you for that).
Anyhow, it's coming along. For a jumping game, it's good to see you're giving that key mechanic the attention it deserves.

I have a friend of mine who will work with me on the storyline. We haven’t started on anything right now because next week I will be on holiday and therefore we will have to stop for a week. Any suggestions would help: storyline, graphics, gameplay etc.

I didn’t understand the part when you said

it’s good to see you’re giving that key mechanic the attention it deserves
. What key mechanic exactly? Anyways, thanks for helping with the character, will certainly consider them.

memonick said:
I didn't understand the part when you said [key mechanic]. What key mechanic exactly?
Jumping ;)
memonick said:
Anyways, thanks for helping with the character, will certainly consider them.

Well, I suggested those mostly for comedic effect, but hey, happy to help :P

Thanks for taking the time to help and comment :slight_smile: I will strive to make this game a showcase of JME’s capabilities.

With the game’s core engine ready, I will now focus on the above special focuses before continuing onto new things. After implementing the camera tilting for a smoother gameplay (without it, the game looks a little bland), I added an acceleration engine. This contrasts a lot with the previous engine, where speed went from 0 to x in one frame. I also integrated a sliding engine with the acceleration engine. Now when coming to a stop, the player moves a little more. Result? Much smoother movement.

P.S. Next week I will be on holiday, so I won’t be updating this post. Also, I hope that I am not violating any forum rules by updating this topic a lot. If I am, kindly tell me and I will cease/slow down with updates.

With the features you’re putting in I’d almost say you’re gunning for a sort of “parkour” or “free running” like game. Sort of a side scroll version of Mirror’s Edge or a more 3D version of Fancy Pants.

Yeah, “parkour” would explain what I want. I want the game to be as fast-paced and challenging as possible while still rewarding for the player. I will also be studying some camera movements to enhance the gameplay.

Finished implementing a revamp of the current level-creation system. Now, if I have a box of 30 (length), the program creates 30 small boxes. This will increase collisions and thus gameplay. It was a real pain, seeing as I had to use four nested loops to get it to work right… and four hours of work. But overall, I am pleased at how it works. Now, it also makes it easier to load and save custom-made levels. Below you can find a screenshot of the level as it looks with the new level-creation engine. This is my last post until 21st August as I will be on holiday. So, see ya.

As usual, you can follow on twitter for updates:!/NyphoonGames

Back. Will continue working on the game tomorrow.

And so, it is update time. While on holiday last week, I realized that double jumps won’t work by putting two player.jump() statements. Therefore, I have to create my own jumping engine. As simple as this may sound, due to collisions, I expect it to take some time. The basic version is working quite well, but it is still glitched. On the brighter side, this engine will help me create different types of jumps.

Currently I have thought of 6 types of different jumps which will be unlockable : Default : Normal Jump; Unlockable (in ascending order of progression needed to unlock) : Double Jump, Quick Jump, Wall Jump, Glide Jump, High Jump.

Another thing I am toying with is a Real Time Mode. What is Real Time Mode? Upon completing a stage (I am still undecided whether it will be level, stage or game) in a set amount of time (this won’t apply if I choose game) the user can play the level/s in a time setting relative to the system time. This means that levels will be slightly different depending on the time of day and will increase replayability.

Although the game is still in its early stages, I will try to release the first demo tomorrow. The demo will consist of one uncomplete level (an empty level) so that I can start getting feedback. The only thing left I have to do is finish the jumping engine and basic jump camera scrolling.

Note that the game won’t have any textures/models in the first demo.


just as a side note? Why do you have to write your own jump engine? Just look into the jump()-function inside JME and look how it is done there and you only include your own “doubleJump()” method which works only in midair and only once per jump…

@Dodikles, If I have to incorporate doubleJump(), that would mean making a jumping engine myself. Also, when I tried entering the player.jump(), it led me into a class where there was a constructor or method with only one statement I couldn’t enter : character.jump(). I guess that in the character.jump(), there is something which checks if the player is onGround(). Rather than trying to work my way around it, I prefered to create it myself. Just as normen said in another post, I have much more control over the jumping engine. And seeing as my game will be focused around jumps, it is the ideal way for me.