GroundHeat Post Processing Filter – Work in Progress

Sorry, no code yet for this one :wink:

Just wanted to show how it looks at the moment and hope to get some feedback, I really want to improve the heat blur thing but I’m a bit out of creativity for that. I’ll add the code for it later on :wink:

What it looks like at the moment

(I added bloom there as it looks a bit better)

What the debug looks like

(Red = Blur areas)

EDIT: LMAO! Lady Java Amazing what they suggested me to watch when clicking my own video.
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very nice work. I also think that the effect should be not as strong as in the video and the effect itself must be something like Brownian Motion and not as predictable as a sine function. Nevertheless, all three thumps of mine up!

Looks great! But perhaps it should be a bit more noticeable? At first I thought it was only my tired eyes playing tricks… Still, great contribution to the community! I love seeing the shaders you come up with… Screenshots are also preferred ;]

That’s funny… I thought just the opposite. :slight_smile: Sometimes it looked like the ground was made of water. A cool effect, though.

Definitely cool

Keep up the good work :wink:

@nomnom and @pspeed it’s quite easy to make the effect more sensitive on a bit more flat areas while making it less obvious on the mountain edges. That should get rid of most of the liquified floor while your eyes are not playing tricks on you :stuck_out_tongue: (although true light defractions usually tend to do the same anyway hehe) Also note that the vids are low quality, uploading a HD vid to see how I get rid of the sharpness isn’t worth the uploading time imho :wink:

@Dodikles got any tips for that brownian? I know how to use it when implementing procedural terrain but I wonder how to add that on this heat effect, perhaps using a pregenerated texture or initializing a new one for each horizontal line?

A noise texture was what I was going to suggest… sample it based on x,y shifted by some amount based on time and then use the value to move the period of the sin/cos or something. As an example. :slight_smile: ← if I were experimenting, that’s where I’d start.

Thats what SimpleWater does (I guess PostWater too) it shifts a normal and dudv map against each other.