GSoC 2012 Rejection

It seems we were just too awesome for Google to handle this year. Too many monkeys, too many javas, too many GL’s, too much awesome.

There’s always next year, and the year after, and the year after that. Maybe some time soon Google will be able to comprehend how great jME is, but it doesn’t seem to be this year.

Sorry I couldn’t make it happen :frowning:

Their loss. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for trying!

Google clearly doesn’t want us to take away resources from all the other less successful projects… :wink: Oh well…

indeed, JME is too awesome for them

Very bad.

But, guys! Let’s make cool games. And google will see us!

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@mifth said:
Very bad.

But, guys! Let's make cool games. And google will see us!

Everyone, climb out of the pit of despair!

creating games is one thing. but this games need to show that was created with jme.

there are already good games based on jme, but they hide information about jme :frowning:

3079 and Mythruna definitely don’t… Are there some projects that we can encourage to show some jME love?

@sbook said:
3079 and Mythruna definitely don't.. Are there some projects that we can encourage to show some jME love?

I would like to see a multiplayer ego Shooter with the movement from painkiller + double and rocket jump. It should have the rocket launcher, rail gun, and shaft from quake 3 as weapons and the magnet boots and grapple from zelda, and ,of course the portal gun. The player should be able to cast holograms of themselves (for a few seconds, to trick the enemies) and plant mines that will trigger time-field-bubbles slowing eveyrone in them down. And the music will be dubstep.

We’ll have more games in a near future. Wait and see.

@madjack said:
Their loss. :P

Hope for next year, anyway, we make it better and better everyday, that's how we do it!

<333 jME foreva, like this post if you love jME to <33


@sbook what did they say this year? what’s the reason for rejection?

@wezrule said:
<333 jME foreva, like this post if you love jME to <33

Your misuse of "to" where it should be "too" precludes anyone from following your instructions because we don't know what we're loving jME to! To the death, to every last curly brace? :)

@iamcreasy said:@sbook what did they say this year? what's the reason for rejection?

The IRC followup for rejected organizations hasn't happened [or been scheduled yet].. I'll be sitting in whenever it is. That said, we addressed the weak-points they mentioned from last year's application.. It seems it still isn't what they were looking for.

Accepted organizations are here:

A couple of organizations of interest to us: WorldForge and Blender both got accepted, so we'll be wishing them luck in their efforts and hope that the summer projects bring forth some new functionality or assets that we can play with!

WorldForge??? :open_mouth: oO :facepalm: :brainsout:

It seems it still isn’t what they were looking for.


I guess jME is really not the thing that click on the selectors mind. sigh!