GSoC concluded and lessons learned

Our first GSoC and jMESoC adventure has come to an end! [See the full post at: GSoC concluded and lessons learned]

The Projects

Due to some negligence on my part, not every student remembered to make a proper wrap-up post with project links. If you want to know more about one of these projects, I suggest you enter a reply to their thread.

At the time of posting we don’t support @mentions or PMs, sorry!

Dual Contouring Voxel Terrain System by John @fuzzymonkey, mentored by Tim @zarch

Recast AI by @Tihomir, mentored by Brent @sploreg

Cinematic Editor by Mayank @mayank, mentored by Rémy @nehon

Nifty Editor by Cristiano @relucri

Steering Behavior by Jésus @jesusmb1995

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All these projects are really awesome! Will they be released via plugins or what is planned for that? And if that is the case, when?
(Sorry if I overread something somewhere…)

Some are already released as plugins - like the Nifty Editor - while others require a bit more effort to get working in their current state. Your best bet is to drop a reply in their thread as mentioned :slight_smile: