Guess who is impostor and who is real

This is a low poly tree (about 2k verts i think) and an impostor (4 verts). Both use per pixel lighting and some crude self shadowing. Guess which one is which?


Hehe, cool, I say the left is an impostor, it seems a bit blurrier… But maybe the preView also renders a bit differently…

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damn! :slight_smile:

…but it even looks a bit better :wink:

its 512x512 tho, but the shot is taken using really crappy settings. With some multisampling and stuff i guess it can be made to look a lot better.

its all crap anyways. i wanted to use the trees from the world forge but i couldnt get them out for some reason. gonna check again.

The models from WorldForge that work without jumping through hoops are all in the WorldForge AssetPack really.

Edit: You need to load them using the MaterialExtensions function of the OgreXML loader.

I like

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@normen said:
...but it even looks a bit better ;)

Haha thats an idea, better impostors then actual models. XD Kind of like those old 3D games with blocky, poorly lit 3d objects in front of great background images.

It’s really great, don’t change anything

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Wanna go again? XD

Hmm I think I was wrong. Looks like it counts 6 verts per quad not 4.

Harder xD The middle one of the three in front?

No idea tbh :slight_smile:

Just wanted to show it works with other stuff as well. Nothing with perspective in it tho. Tried with gallows.j3o and it looked awful.

EDIT: Those are some really nice models btw.

I assume you are using an off screen renderer to create the texture?

How did you scale the model and the imposter to the exact same size?

I get them the same size by using a bounding sphere. A sphere is better then a box because its symmetric around all axes. It’s basically how its done in the original Paged Geometry library, and also in some other resources i found through google (i think i searched for “impostor rendering” or something similar).

Just set up the cam so that the frustum height and width are both equal to the diameter of the bounding sphere.

EDIT: I’m not sure exactly how to deal with perspective tho. I use parallel projection at this point. The loss of perspective at a couple of hundred units away is negligible, but it all depends on how the fading between geometry and impostor will look. I may end up using perspective but wait with the impostor texture rendering until the transition distance has been set. It would still get a little off further away (in the range of like 1-2 degrees…) but that doesn’t matter - it’s only during the fading it has to be perfect.

Looking great! I agree with about the left tree looking better btw. It looks like there’s a bit of artifacting that can be seen about 2/3 of the way up the right tree that is either not there or more subtle on the left :slight_smile:

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Its maybe because of bad model material settings? I think it should be in the impostor image as well otherwise, because the impostor texture isn’t processed in any way, just a plain render then write. Have to look at that.

Try rendering the right one wit FXAA, (also do that for the imposter rendering, might be a good idea, cause else you might get stair effects on the boarders. Like the real tree has (if you higher the resolution at least))

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