Gui examples

Hello all,

Well i of course if renanse don’t like this then i will remove it, i have migrated part of renanse particle editor to the gui system here is a little screeny:

If you want to test this you can download the Gui jar from here

with the test out herer:

another example can be found here:

take a look at the test, and try to uncomment some of it, many interesting things appear :wink:

I am sorry for it being not that complete, but its working as for you to get the concept.

wish u luck and joy.


Definitely promising. Should look real nice once it is done. :slight_smile:


It looks like you really have some desire to see the GUI stuff really working. PM me your email contact info and if you’d like I’ll send you where I’m at with the gui stuff I’ve been working on. Maybe we can combine effort? Once again I’ve hit a little speed bump from the real world allowing me time on this. (Maybe this weekend… )

  • guurk

Thanks aloot guurk, i am really welling to shar effort in making a good sold gui stuff.

I hope that i will help in this field.

PM me your email contact info