Gui with NiftyGui - Earn some money and help the jme community


for my game I am looking for someone to implement some gui elements. The game can be found here ( Version 5 is based on jme3, but many windows are still swing and they should be converted to NiftyGui. My idea is

  • in a first step, some small examples where the main difficulties are solved are implemented
  • these examples are then put - if wanted - as examples in the jme3 test cases.
  • then the examples can be adapted to their use in the game.

I would prefer if everything is implemented within the java code without using the xml files, or we do it in parallel that the jme users can see both versions.

If you are interested, send an email (info[at] or a PM


You know theres a swing to nifty converter in the SDK? I don’t know how well it works though, the guys from tygron did it a while ago. Its in the “Tools” menu of the SDK.