GUI with the jmonkey HUD

I´ve read the tutorial for the HUD Possiblitiies of jmonkey and i have an question about it:

Can i use HUD elements to create buttons or even an chatfield etc … ?



(1) can i asign the same input system from 3d objects to the 2d objects ?

(2) and also the same picking system for an mouse-based gui ?

(3) how can i make an textinputfield, for example for an chat ?

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. By reading the manual and then creating the right ui elements

thx for (1) and (2)

(3) well, I just can´t find any tutorials in the manual where textinputfields are, just the nifty things i don´t want to use …

surely i´m willing to learn the necessary things, but maybe the manual still is not really first-time-user-friendly …

Would you be so kind to tell me where i can find things about textinput possibilites in the manual or the tutorials…

even just a link to the proper classes in the javadoc would be something good for me to start my working …

Thankful for your help