Guidance on all these bumps I have

Guys… Gals… I… have a bump issue… They’re all over my ball…

Ok. Sorry about that.

But seriously I need some guidance. I’ve been working on an icosphere that I’ve been turning into a planet. I’ve started calculating what the heights of each tri is on this sphere and now I’m at a bit of a cross roads and I need to decide which way to go.

My plan is that I’d calculate the triangle heights, colour the texture the height colour in question, smooth out the texture then either use it as an exaggerated bump map, or use it to display the points of each triangle to give the general shape of the planet.

If I go with the second option I’d have to run 1 or 2 more subdivisions to truly smooth things out nicely I think, the other way seems like it’d be easier… But I don’t know if that’s feasible/wise.


What is your target hardware? This would be a perfect case for tesselation and geometry shaders normally.

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Desktop. So hardware restrictions are not a factor really. The machine I’m developing on is Windows 10, with a GeForce GTX 965m and 12 gigs of ram.

Is there a built in tessellation shader of sorts somewhere? Cuz that sounds exactly what I’m looking for really.

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Great! Thanks! I was about to try this out but ran into another issue with my code that I have to address first (that I only realized after reading up on tessellation).

I’ll try this after I sort it out.