Guide to material definitions

Hello all,

Is there any guide to the material definitions available on jme3?

I mean like catalog of what exists, what does it do and an example to use it. Something in those lines.


material definition - like in name - define material - by setting vertex and fragment shader, telling what parameters(like texture/boolean/float values) it need for shaders.

material definition is nothin hard, shaders are harder thing to do :wink:

look here:[]=shader

I think he means the material definitions:

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ahh yes, my mistake, but i think its not so hard to find it :roll: dont know why people ask, when they can find it in 1 minute…

just type search in documentation

in upper doc is hyperlink to:

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Totally agree that the shaders are a much bigger headache! :wink:

But what I meant was, there are a lot of material definitions already made in jme3, each probably has some type on rendering as target, as I am new to jme3 I have no idea what stuff is already available. So a wiki that had a list of the developed materials and what their features where is a life saver for me. Something like

- Unshaded.j3md
Good material for Geometries like box or sphere.
Supports transparency.
Here's an example: *code*

- TerrainLighting.j3md
Good material for terrains.
Supports light.
Here's an example: *code*

Ups my bad, don’t know how I missed it… :roll:

Too early in the morning I guess …