There’s another Guild Wars beta day coming up from Friday, January 7th 12:01am - Sunday 9th 11:59pm Check it out for some great 3dFX as Mark wrote in his blog.

I’ll be there - been playing since WPE - totally awesome game!

Played last beta, so look for Ralph the Greasy. :slight_smile:

Pls note, I just tried to log in to guildwars and it had “forgotten” my account from the previous beta. Therefore if you need to re-register and get an unlock code you can get one here:

You do need to subscribe to their newsletter, but then just unsubscribe again !

See you there - I’ll be playing as Darka again

Had a lot of fun, I can’t wait for the full release to have more time to completely defeat the Charr.

Was great fun - although I’m not so sure about it long-term; the whole point of MMORGS is that there are lots of people around, but with the team-based quest concept in your own “parallel universe” you might as well be playing at home on your own PC.

However, I’m sure 1000s of people will disagree with me !

I disagree! Having lots of fun, and I am quite happy with the instancing - no one stealing my eq, annoying me or sniping my boss. Looking forward to the full release, at which time I’ll camp at my computer until my newborn arrives (~ june) - so hope the game comes out soon :slight_smile:

Just saw this thread. I actually play guildwars with a bunch of my friends. We set up our own guild and are working on a trading site for the game It’s a great game. All the fun of a mmorpg without the mindless leveling and experience farming. THe graphics are quite nice as well.

If you haven’t tried it out yet you definitely should. I think the next beta is the weekend of Feb. 18th.

If you play and are interested in joining a great guild just reply here, on our guild website, or in game (Sarus Windfire)