guiNode not detaching its children [Solved]

Hi all. I am not sure why but when guiNode.detachAllChildren() is called the fps rate and all those stuff still remains. I checked with one of my previous project which it removed successfully but to my surprise it does not remove it. Can any one check to see if it is a bug or something is wrong in my end. Thank you.

K Out!

Maybe what you want detached (which is the real question here) is on a different node than guiNode.

guiNode is not for stats view(even if it could be, you should remove control for it). and guiNode is empty on start for your purpose

so you propably want to do:

[java]setDisplayFps(false); // to hide the FPS

setDisplayStatView(false); // to hide the statistics [/java]

ahhh yes. oxplay2 is right, thanks. I had to set those two to false. Sometimes simple stuff just gets forgotten. Thank you again.

you write your first post ok, I just do not read “is called the fps rate” before, sorry.

btw: glad to help.

That’s exactly what I meant above but wanted you to realize it without spoonfeeding you. :stuck_out_tongue:

The stats app state is initialized after simpleInit because it was moved to an appstate. If you don’t want stats then remove the app state… or have a constructor in your SimpleApplication subclass that simply calls super() without the stats app state.

so you want to remove GUI/HUD elements?

don’t know, it should work. but i usually use “removeFromParent”.

could you make a testcase?



public void simpleInitApp() {







This is the only place where I used the guiNode to detach all the children. But it does not detach them.

If I use “guiNode.setCullHint(CullHint.Never);” to temporary hide the gui (e.g. a cut scene) it does not work as expected, is there a better way to hide it? should i detach it from its parent and attach it later on to the guiViewPort again?