Guys helm me out pls. Adding one Tree on my Terrain

Hello guys, sry for my bad english. I have 2 Questions

  1. Is jme DEAD ?

  2. Is there one good Tutorial for adding grass and trees in terrains? I wasted many hours with theForrester and tree generator plugin without results. It was pretty unstable and crash my system many times.

I think The Forrester ist a dead Project tree generator is alpha version.

Pls give me one Link where i can learn how to make trees and grass and than can add it to my terrain. Or just explain that here

thx you all

jME is not dead… you can see we had over 100+ posts/replies even in the last 24 hours. So not sure why you’d think that.

The forrester library was dead almost on arrival. It’s been very dead for a long time. It’s not an easy problem to solve and “one click” solutions are likely not suitable for very many use-cases. Others have tried to fill the gap to one degree or another.

Mostly, no matter what, you will have to do some coding for it because it’s not the kind of thing that will work well “out of the box” no matter what.

thank you for your reply

I have no problem with coding. I never said give me one click solution :wink:

But if you are completly new at jme it is little difficult to start coding Trees.

Is there any tutorial? I mean how new people like me can learn this…

What do you mean with coding trees? Trees are common meshes…
If you are referring to how to animate them using glsl, this link should be helpful
Note that this explains how to achieve a nice realistic animation, if that is not your goal there are plenty easier ways to get a less realistic but enjoyable animation, like the one you see here - YouTube where only leaves and small branches (that are just textured quads) are animated using a noise function (like simplex noise).