GWT and JME?(Using WebGL?)

So someone tell me if I’m way off base here but I was just looking at a project named GWT Quake( and I saw that it’s based on a project named Jake 2

So here is the basic idea of GWT Quake. It takes Jake 2 which is a port of the Quake 2 video game to java so there is an open source version of quake 2 for java now. THEN they go in the direction of using the GWT code converter by Google to change Java to Javascript and then they use WebGL for graphics.

So here is my question, is it plausible that we could have a jMonkeyEngine except have it be a gwtMonkeyEngine using the same method?(Yes I realize things take work, I’m just wondering if there is something I don’t know that would keep this from happening).

I think the benefits here are pretty obvious, being able to create HTML5 games would open up the IPhone for JME for starters(No I’m not a Mac freak). But this could be used for Android and other smart-phones alike. HTML5 is an up and coming technology and JME could be the best gaming engine in the biz.

Yes, I also thought of this, in fact its the only way to get jme games "legally" to iphone/ipad… I guess most classes of jme3 would compile with the gwt java to js converter and with a webgl render system it should work… BUT… As you indicated this requires some dedicated work and jme3 is really more targeted towards hi-end hardware rather than low-end. So I guess the whole OpenGL-ES WebGL etc. stuff will have to enter adulthood before it can really handle jme3 properly anyway. Right now it only pulls jme3 down into a 1998 state of technology… :frowning:



If WebGL allows support for OpenGL ES 2.0 then jME3 should be able to run fine on it. The main issue here, I am afraid, is performance. You'll notice that the Jake 2 + WebGL demo only runs at like 5 fps compared to the much higher speed of the Java version.