Hair and cloth


I’m looking into making hair and clothes for my character and was wondering if anyone else already did something similar in jmonkey.

In my case I wouldnt take account for wind, but will for motion ofcourse.

I read:

“SoftBodies is coming when physics moves to native bullet, its not included in jbullet. But I’d suggest using bone animation in blender to move it and then play a set of animations based on situation (moving forward, left etc.) in the game. You could also try syncing the bones to physics RigidBodies that you hang in the air attached to a kinematic RigidBody and connected by joints but its probably overkill for such a thing.”

When is the native bullet coming? Is there maybe an unstable version already? Cause I really need that smooth hair and preferably clothing XD

Any tips on feasability and stuff are very much welcome,




I found some code made for jme2 here:

kajos said:
Cause I really need that smooth hair and preferably clothing XD

Cool, I guess if you really need it you wont get around doing the native port already, so just post it here then. The jbullet-jme project has some beginnings of the native jME2 version I once started, so you can start with that.

Ok, so that’s the best option or switching back to JME2?

I’m willing to put some good time in to it, but not like forever. I’m no supercoder (just average :slight_smile: ) and don’t want my project to end because I lost will to continue it because it takes too much time / too long.

So do you think it’s doable in say 3 weeks? And if so, do you know some tips on where to start?

Jme2Physics will bite you, its got huge bugs. I don’t think you will be able to port bullet in that time if you got no C++ skills no. Just animate the cloth etc. in blender.

Thats too bad. Thanks anyway for the advice.

It would be very painful to port back to jME2 just so that you can have a negligible visual effect. You could always port the hair/cloth features to jME3 however