Hair in Blender Export to jME


I stopped using jME a while back but now I'm back because I now have more time and energy to work on things that I want to and not have to spend so much time on school projects. Anyway, I've been going through the beginner tutorials to refresh my memory since I never really got much further than those tutorials to begin with. I was working on the Hello Model Loading tutorial (Lesson 6, I believe). I tried just going into Blender and exporting out the Monkey model as a .obj file. Just like the tutorial it works fine. But I wanted to take it a step further and add hair to the monkey.

I've been working through some hair tutorials in Blender 2.5 using the particle system modifiers. I've had some pretty good results. However, I'm having trouble getting the model and hair to export to a format so that it shows in jME. I've tried .3ds, .obj, and .dae, but nothing seems to work. For .obj and .3ds, the monkey just comes out bald but has correct materials and textures. And for .dae, nothing shows up. However, I've recently read that the Collada format really isn't the way to go with jME as it doesn't like to work all the time.

I've also read that the HottBJ and OgreXML exporters are pretty much the best for getting models from Blender into jME. However, those aren't supported by Blender 2.5 correct? Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to ask is: Has anyone been able to use Blender to apply hair to a model using Blender's particle systems and then export it into jME with great/working results? If so did you have to use Blender 2.49? And what format did you export to?

Thanks for any help/info you are able to provide! 


Sorry but this is probably not going to work without significant effort. The hair renderer in blender seems quite advanced and I am not even sure if it will work in a hardware accelerated rendering environment. There are other ways to get hair to work in jME, such as using an animated model with a texture, did you consider this approach?

No I didn't. Do you know where I could get more information on how to do that exactly?

It’s essentially traditional 3D game animation. The hair texture consists of various hair strands… example. This would be the practical approach.

If you’re looking for something more similar to the blender one, take a look at this demo:

Humus - 3D

It simulates every hair strand as spring system, the collision physics and animation is done in a shader.

I see what you are saying. The more I thought about it the more I realized that using a particle system for hair for every character in a game just wouldn't be realistic. Too many calculations would be going on and the game would basically be unplayable if too many characters were on the screen and the user's system couldn't handle it. I'll save the nice realistic/particle system hair for the nice CG sequences (i.e. my artist can worry about it  :D). Thanks again for your input.