Halloween Skin?

Maybe we could be seasonal, and celebrate some festival events with different skins during that period. A lot of forums I use have already adopted this. Halloween/Christmas/Easter are the ones i think are the most uniformally celebrated, and offend the least amount of people :P. I wonder if its just a simple case of using a pre-existing skin inside WP/BP. What do you think?

Sounds like a nice idea, a background image should be easy to use (the greenish background of the page). We really need some dedicated web dev for this kind of shit tho, best also an artist :smiley: I don’t quite get why not more people see this project as a platform for advertising their work…

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Im professional in JavaScript, not PHP WordPress(every scripts have their own hierarchy) and i have not many time. But changing background should take 1 minute if you know WordPress, so whats the problem :slight_smile: You need only the Artist. :roll:

I don’t think changing the background is the issue, normen was just saying he’d rather not do it :P, and would like someone dedicated for the task.

Btw how did you learn javascript? javascript’s one of my weaker attributes, got any good book/web recommendations? :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve got a book on javascript (Javascript for web developes by Wrox) but i really hate it :D, and find it hard to learn from. Cheers

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  1. Study - i loved learn it and do nice effects / ajax / etc. i was asking many questions.
  2. Programming webpages motivated to learn more from web professional froums.
  3. Yes books too, but ebooks ones (dont remember links)
  4. hobby: i already done game in JS too :slight_smile: that was motivate to learn some more libraries too(writing own methods and using prototype take long time so sometimes its better just to use ready libraries) - now this game i replace with Jmonkey here for 3d solution (not 2.5)
  5. And the major thing: Having a good friend working in big firm :slight_smile:

    Remember use lint: http://www.jslint.com/ for conventions.

thanks man! i appreciate the help

why js?

halloween soon, hows the skin looking? :slight_smile:

the js was just a side tour :P, don’t worry <33

@Wezrule go GWT, you code Java, and it does the javascript for you…

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did not know that, it looks really good :P, thx will check it out.

I think css is more important if you wanna create a wordpress theme. And about halloween theme, it’s already exists :slight_smile: :




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