Hand made shadows with jme

Hi everybody,

I want to know if someone has created shadows for their apps.

I use the jme physics and I’m asking myself how to integrate shadows with my controllers… The shadows i want would not be dynamic but a simple approximation of real shadows… So if someone wants to give some advice on that, fell free to give your ideas…



MikeT implemented dynamic shadow volumes a while back. However it hasn’t yet gotten implemented into jME, due to some design issues. It probably will in some later release.


But from the sounds of it, you just want to make static shadows? Then this probably falls into the responsibility of map formats and editors, which has been discussed a little all over the board. Nothing is completed though :frowning:

Huh ? I posted a reply to this thread some hours ago but it’s not here… Mayb e a bug…

If you want static shadows, look into lightmaps. It works very well on all video card (it only use multi-texturing). Quake 3 was one of the first game using it and it was very good looking.

It’s pretty easy to use :

First, map a simple texture like this one :

Them add another texture slot on the same object. The lightmap texture should be modulated (or multiplicated, don’t remember) :

And you get this :

You can find a lot of useful informations in google. Give a try :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help with the lightmaps but I don’t think that will do the job for my needs…

I need a shadow for a tennis ball when I hit the ball and it flies in the air,

I want a shadow on the tennis court to help the user see the height of the ball. I’ ve already done that with j3d by offseting a black circle on the court by the distance from the ball to the ground …

ex : if the ball is 10 in y from the ground, I offset the black circle by 5 in z and 5 in x so it appears to be a shadow of the ball on the ground.

I am just not shure how to implement this kind of logic with a Ballcontroller I created to move the ball… I don’ t like the idea of managing that a part from the controller if there is a simple way i could attach it to my ball and let the controller place the shadow…

I hope it’s clear enough…