Happy Holidays

Hello everyone,
I just want to wish everyone here Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We had a great year as a community and are going into next year strong. Great work and thank you to everyone who has contributed to the project. Remember everyone can make a difference, contributing may be helping out fellow community members on the forums, working on the wiki, donating time or money to the project, submitting PRs, opening issues, creating third party libraries, or even just helping get the jmonkeyengine name out there to new people.

To everyone who is new to the community this year, I want to give you a warm welcome. New blood is what keeps projects like this one alive. We need new energy and ideas. If you have not posted yet, perhaps you can start by just saying hello, we won’t bite (but may nibble a bit :rofl:) Feel free to ask questions and begin the long but fulfilling journey of learning the engine.

Finally, take some time off coding and enjoy the holidays :christmas_tree:

Merry Christmas everyone,