Happy New Year 2017!

Happy new year guys! I wish you all a great 2017 with lots of love, health and successful (and fun) projects.


Or as that old saying goes: May your framerates be high and your temperatures low. :smiley:


And may the roof above you never fall in and the people beneath it never fall out.

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Hippie Knew Ear!

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ETA 2hrs left my side

Happy New Year!
Hope a year full of peace and friendship for everyone. :heart:




Happy new year everybody

Happy New Year!

happy new year …

Happy new year monkeys.

Happy 2017 to everyone!

Happy new year to all! :fireworks:

Happy new year to all! :sunny:

Happy new year!

Happy New Year everyone - be it filled with peace, success, joy and health !

Well, sorry for my bad English.
I´m not new here in this comunity, I´m following you for 3 year ago, more or less.
The JME is fantastic, I love it, in fact I´m doing a Simulator about Campain Artillery for 3 year old, too. This Simulator is called SAV [Simulador de Artilleria Virtual] or VAS[Virtual Simulator of Artillery].
Currently I´m working in SAV version 1.8…eighth version.
I´d like to show anything about this program, in order to share to this fantactic comunity…but I dont knok where I can do it.

I wish you an Happy new year everyone!!


happy new year!

Honestly my only source on joy comes a few days later, knowing that christmas and new years is over, and its a long time before I have to go through this ordeal again. Not long enough, but it’s the best I get.

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