Has BitmapText multi fonts ability?


I wonder if there are an ability in BitmapText for multi fonts as same as in ColorTags for multi colors?

Sort of. If you have multiple styles of the same font then you can merge their character sets into one font with different style IDs. There is nothing like color tags to specify them in text but you can set the style ID for a range of characters through the BitmapText API.

The fonts have to have the same characters and stuff… which is why I guess it’s usually used for bold/italic type styling.

Actually, I want to place button fonts in the regular text like this;


I mean this is little different thing from styling i guess.

Maybe there is easier ways for what i want that you know?

You could always edit the font PNG to replace some characters with your special ones… hand edit the FNT file if you need a wider quad or whatever. It’s kind of tricky, though.

Specially that L shift’s wide right? I thought about replacing but as you say, this is tricky and I think it’s not flexible.