Have a update version number on WIP posts?


I was thinking, it’s hard to know if the new post on a wip topic is just a response or if it’s an update.

So I was thinking, maybe you could have some sort of version number on wip topics.

So if I update only by responding then the version is still 1.0.0 but if I publish a new image or updated facts then I can change version to 1.0.1

and then everyone seeing the post gets a little star next to it so they know if they read the update or not.

What do you think? Could this be a good idea for the jme webbsite?

This would be a pretty complex feature as it means that everyone would have to work in the exact same manner… I have an idea thohgh, which I’ll post from a device that doesn’t make my thumbs hurt whrn typing long sentences :slight_smile:

That was quick… OK, so I’m thinking we create some sort of Jenkins plugin that can push updates to a thread when a build occurs. This would be useful for not only WiP threads but also for the SDK which runs every night at midnight EST.

Something where you could register a thread, supply your login credentials, and have it change the topic title, add a post with the changes, etc. Since there are already Jenkins installers for the big three platforms available (plus packages for most Linux distributions) it would be a matter of installing Jenkins and point it to build scripts generated by the SDK (which are generic and not tied to the IDE).

Thoughts? I’ve been working on bbPress integration with Java for a little Android app I’ve been tinkering with and the login/cookies code could be re-applied here… Probably a weekend length project for someone who’s done a Jenkins or Hudson plugin before, longer for someone who hasn’t (like me :p)


But that would require me to have my project on a database other than my own computer right?

Nope, if you install the builder on your own computer it can just sit in the background and when you want to release an update you would go to localhost://8080 and hit the build button. It would build a release of your project and then update the forum thread you indicated in the build configuration

Nice! Would love to have that :smiley: