Having issues importing Sinbad with sdk importer

Salut, fellow JME3-heads,

Hopefully this is a really simple one for y’all. After watching @Normen 's very excellent Use Case demo 1 I thought it’d be good practice for me to follow along. I ran into a snag right away. When I tried to import Sinbad via the sdk Import Model tool, the tool reported “Model loaded successfully.” however the preview showed a black empty image.
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I knew it would be a simple fix! jMonkey forums to the rescue! I alt-tabbed to the sdk in the midst of writing this post, to verify the import tool message quoted above. The OpenGL Window was unresponsive. I restarted the sdk, closed all open projects, started a new basic project and attempted to import Sinbad again with the import tool… and the preview is working now.

For what it’s worth, in my first attempt to import Sinbad I downloaded his assets from the code.google.com project site via browser. When that didn’t work, I used 7-zip to get Sinbad assets out of jME3-testdata.jar. That didn’t work either, until I restarted the sdk. No idea if all that is just co-incidence and the sdk just needed a good boot in the pants via a restart

If lwjgl fails the update loop and everything thats done on it cannot work. You should get a warning in the lower right.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep an eye out for that in the future. :evil: