Having trouble reading text on forum

How do you read this, light gray on middle gray?

It’s very light gray on very dark gray. Maybe your brightness is too high?

If I set the monitor to full brightness I can read it, but then my eyes hurt.

Very light? I would be interested in the numbers … I guess 200 to 100?

What’s the purpose of it? Look nice? Then just show a grey blank screen, that’s very stylish.

Well that’s a shame you can’t read it. No one ever complained about readability.
Of course everyone has his own opinion about the dark theme, but we can’t get everyone happy.

Values in this image:

I think this is a very comfortable theme, I have similar colours in IntelliJ for reading code, less of a strain on the eyes than black on white.

Yeah, foreground is about 3x the brightness of the background… that should be fine normally.

But it doesn’t look like 3x. That’s just a number. What you can tell is that the difference is less than half of the possible range, which makes it half as readable as it could be.

Why not use 2 and 20? That would be 20x!

I cannot see the problem with this as well, but anyway some browsers allow you to use Clientside Css overrides, maybee thats something for you to make it better fit what you want.