Having trouble with Hellonode tutorial

I just recentl found the jmonkey engine and decided i would like to learn it but when i got to the Hellonode tutorial only one of the boxes showed. I simply copied and pasted the code to see if it would work and it didnt. also no matter what i do the color never changes on a box. For example in the tutorial the line mat1.setColor(“Color”, ColorRGBA.Blue); If i change Blue to Green or anyother color and recompile it the color of the object stays blue??? i dont know to much about programing only what i have taught myself so am I doing something wrong? Also I am using the Jmonkey Platform if that makes a diiference.

The first tutorial, Hello SimpleApplication (the one just before the HelloNode), had 1 blue cube display. Did you do that one before HelloNode? If you have a project for each and the first project is still loaded and selected, then it is probably running that one instead.

On the right side, check the “tree structure” (With the little + and - symbols that expand into the different parts of your project) and see if the project representing Hello SimpleApplication is still present and if its text is in bold. If it is and the HelloNode one is not, right click it and “Set as main project”

thanks sorry it took me forever to respond i figured it out on my own and forgot i posted