Having trouble with TGA loader

like the title says the only thing i can see that is wrong is that in the javadocs it says 24b or 32b TGA and i have 8b but besides that it's pretty straight forward

public static Image TGALoader(String filename)throws IOException
      Image texture= new Image();

         FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(filename);
         System.out.println("IOException on line 74");
      return texture;

wakeboardin said:

24b or 32b TGA and i have 8b

Already sounds like an explanation  :wink:

Test it with a 24b - if the error persists, please provide a stacktrace...

have a program in mind i'm using photoshop and i'm no good with it but it says 8 b/channel under mode and if i move it to 16 it won't allow me to save using TGA

guess i'll copy the stacktrace

Exception in thread "main" java.io.EOFException

        at java.io.DataInputStream.readByte(DataInputStream.java:333)

        at com.jme.util.TGALoader.loadImage(Unknown Source)

        at main.TGALoader(main.java:81)

        at main.main(main.java:20)

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EOFException being it ran into something it wasn't expecting which is why i thought i had the wrong kind of TGA but i dunno what the problem is if it is not that.

try corel or gimp photoshop strangely enough has piss poor tga support

ha glad i spent money on it.  Insted I am using a free program to do my imaging feel like i've been doped.

hey wake were u able to fix md5 I,m having a hell of a time with it

nope gave up on it but for everybody else the tga loader works now but for some reason it displays something weird i'll post on it later